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The membership is the heart and soul of PCVRU. Each member dedicates their free time to make a difference in the community. They ask for nothing in return for the hard work that they do. PCVRU's membership is broken down into six categories:
The Executive are elected by the membership to administer and run the operation of the unit. They are elected for a two year term and put in many hours to make the unit run smoothly and efficiently.
Director - Michael Dimitriadis
Assistant Director - Nader Mishriky
Captain A - Karl Pierre-Louis
Captain B - Glen Gagnon
Administration Officer - Mike Judge
Appointed Officers:
The appointed officers are selected by the Executive to perform additional tasks to their regular duties. These positions are appointed for one year and are reviewed each January for new candidates.
Lieutenant - Vacant
Lieutenant - Vacant
Medical Officer - Nick Lamoureux
Training Officer - Eric Dewar
Quarter Master - Vacant
Membership is given to probationary members that have successfully passed their probationary period. Each member has a vote in the elections of the officers and in major decisions that are called to a vote.
Eric Dewar 
Cliff Eaves
Chris Fajardo
Nazig Injejikian
Mitchell King
Jim McCauley
Karl Pierre-Louis
David Skinner
Probationary Members:
Probationary members are undergoing a training period for 8 - 16 months where at the end they aspire to become full members. Probationary members have no voting rights and are not normally allowed to hold an elected or appointed position on the unit.
Nicky Desormaux
Nick Lamoureux
Ryan Baxtendine
Reserve Member Corp:
The Reserve Members Corp is made up of professional, knowledgeable and experienced former members who are willing to assist in all aspects of the services provided to the community. These members are semi-active and participate on a monthly basis for training and on an on-call capacity for interventions. In the changing times of volunteers, this will provide PCVRU with a group of motivated people who could help out whenever needed, as well as provide mentoring to the younger members on a reduced commitment.
Lenny Jagodnik
James Lapierre
Graeme Maag
Simon Roughley
Eddie Kazmerchuk
Honorary Members:
Honorary members are retired members of PCVRU that have put in many years and have made a positive difference in PCVRU. Honorary members have no voting rights and are not allowed to hold an elected or appointed position on the unit. Honorary members are able to be called upon in case of extreme emergency to provide additional manpower and resources when required.
Rick Adams
Scott Allatt
Jim Aylesworth
Dawn Bisseger
Serge Caron
Ken Curtis
Sid Dunham
Alfie Dorais
Keith Kelley
James Lapierre
Dave Lindsay
Henrik Lund
Graeme Maag
Paul McLean
Derrick Miner
Chad Rabkin
Bruce Weihs